Fishmoose Interactive

Fishmoose Interactive.

Fishmoose Interactive was established in its original form in late 2015. The company consists of two former students from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlshamn, Sweden, who after winning a local game development competition, decided to start a studio.

Alexander Schach: Graphics and programming.

Tobias Lindberg: Sound design, music and writing.


Fishmoose Interactive?

As with so many things in life, Fishmoose Interactive started as a joke. We were a bunch of novice game- and sound design students and we were about to start our first “proper” game project. As you tend to do, you create a Facebook-group in order to communicate and incidentally the group in question was named “Fishmoooose”, which later evolved to the pseudo-company name “Fishmoose Interactive” – a name that just stuck with us.

.Berit - the original

The first version of our logotype, Berit. Created sometime in the winter of 2013 by Ludwig Berg.

Since the core of the team remained pretty much intact for all projects during the following two years, we simply kept using the name to refer to us as a collective.

After we graduated in 2015, Tobias and Alex were the only ones to continue working with games. Initially we intended to let “Fishmoose Interactive” die along with the split-up of our collective, but after months or considering different names we simply defaulted back to Fishmoose Interactive.

fishmoose interactive logowITHbACKGROUND

The second version of Berit, this time with a name tag. Created in the spring of 2014 by Alexander Schach.