You awake as yet another undead in a vast and unknown after-life. In order to survive, you were once forced to sell all of your memories and now you’re on a journey of discovery in order to unveil what was once forgotten.

Immemorial is a rogue-lite action/adventure game in which almost every aspect of the game, from the levels to its narrative, is being randomized in order to create a vast and constantly changing game world.

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Immemorial is an action game with randomized levels and stories about deceased individuals that tackle loss and regret in a harsh fantasy-afterlife

The multiplayer mode of Immemorial pits two players against each other. The one to first kill the other 6 times wins the game. The twist is that between rounds each player will be presented with the choice to pick 1 of 3 randomly presented upgrades which alter their attacks and abilities.

The singleplayer mode puts the player on a quest to restore their memories and find resolution in something they did not get done before their death. The stories of the characters change and vary each time you play as this game mode features permanent death and randomised levels. as well as stories with randomised elements and different outcomes. Fight enemies and bosses and talk to other strange types that inhabit the afterlife. Search for upgrades which modifies your abilities and use them to travel further to resolve your pain and be suprised, similar stories may not always end the same.


  • Permadeath
  • Misery
  • Swords
  • Magic
  • Sworcery
  • Even more death


Previously titled “A Memory of No-One”,  this was our first game-project outside of BTH. After entering a local game design competition in 2015 we received funding in order to realize the project. The game started as a part-time project of Alex’ in the winter of 2014-2015. Later during the following spring, Tobias was asked to contribute with sound design, music as well as writing for the project.

Winner of the Game Concept Challenge of 2015.



Fishmoose Interactive

Based in Karlshamn, Sweden

Estimated release date:

Q2, 2018


PC, initially. PS4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux later on.


~ €10


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