Achanés_2 thumb

A third-person action/adventure game with an emphasis on a strong and dynamic narrative. Due to a myriad of complications the game never reached completion. The downloadable build below was created during ~14 weeks in early-mid 2014. The build in question contains lots of issues, but it’s the most presentable version of the game that was produced before its cancellation in the fall of 2014.


The year is 3611 and historical linguist Isak Block is sent to Turkey in order to investigate some old ruins. When he accidentally triggers an old machine, him and one of his colleagues is transported into a parallel dimension where the course of the world has gone down an entirely different route.


Game Engine: Unity 3D

Sound Engine: Audiokinetic Wwise

Development team:

Tobias Lindberg – Writing, Sound design, Narrative design

Jonatan Persson – Sound design, Music

Philip Undin – Game design, Level design

Viktor Bengtsson – Game design, Story design,

Ludwig Berg – 3D Graphics, Animations, Lighting

Alexander Schach – 2D & 3D Graphics, Character design, Lighting

Martin Bengtsson – Programming

Pontus Johansson – 2D Graphics, Cinematics, Promotion

Felix Lepistö – Programming