Another first-person narrative game (a.k.a. “walking simulator”) created during ~4 weeks in late 2014/early 2015. The game never reached completion due to other study-related assignments, hence the sound design (among many other things) is no-where near completion.


The year is 2001 and prof. Malcolm Samsa is visiting his psychiatrist after weeks of sleeplessness, rendering him unable to carry out his daily work. The session takes him on a long journey through his inner world, unraveling a traumatic past that he’s been trying to suppress for years and that is now coming back to haunt him.


Game Engine: Unreal 4

Sound Engine: Unreal 4

Development team:

Tobias Lindberg – Writing, Sound design, Narrative design, Level design

Philip Undin – Game design, Level design, Scripting

Ludwig Berg – 3D Graphics, Environmental design

Alexander Schach – 3D Graphics, Environmental design